Cheating Is The Game Of Mind And Heart!

Like anything in this world cheating is an art. You should not only be ready but be prepared to do it as well. Through my entire high school, college and university, there were only 2 things that kept me going. Number 1 MY FRIENDS and SECOND CHEATING. Now the question come how are these two related. Well here here…….. Read carefully, In order to cheat you always need reliable source and techniqs
Element 1 Heart:
If you do not have courage do not even think about cheating. You will get caught. So you got to have an open mind about it. You have to make decision on the instinct.
Element 2 Source:
Now your source can be yours friends, the person sitting next to you, behind you, beside you or in front of you. Small piece of paper have answers, sheets being switched with other students etc etc.
Element 3 Technique:
Now let me explain you the techniqs on how to use these elements to be a successful cheater.
1. Exam in the auditorium, With no Friends.If you are sitting in a class room which has a capacity of lets say 150 and is auditorium and there is only one instructor in the class and you don’t know anyone. Then best way to cheat from a person is put your hand on your forearm and look at the papers of people sitting next to you with your head tilted a lil bit from corner of yours eyes.
2. If you are sitting in a class with people you know and during the exam time ask him to sit diagonal to you (example and 45 angle from where you site). And ask him to keep his exam paper on the side where you are sitting .
3. Now if teacher picks up the seating arrangement and lets say some how person ends up sitting behind you ,and you were planning to cheat from him . Ask him to pass the sheet once he is done to you expertly , without making any noise , while instructor is sitting or somebody is asking him a question . Now make sure you have to return his sheet. So make sure both of you sit till the end of the class and when students are turning in their papers you return him his paper. So he can stapple it.
4. If you are allowed a crib sheet or a cheat sheet to bring in with you. Find as many old exams of the teacher as you can. And then write all of them with questions and answers on that sheet. Easily you should be able to put 15 questions on one crib sheet. And make sure you write it yourself otherwise you wont know whats written on it.
5. Now only 1 Crib sheets or cheat sheet being allowed doesn’t mean that you have to take only one. You can take atleast 2 to 4 of them and you can switch them. But here comes quickness and knowing which material is on what sheet and timing . Oh oh oh timing is so important, that you should be able to put the old sheet in and new sheet out of your bag while teacher is distracted .
6.Now always make sure of taking extra empty couple of sheets . So if you need an answer from another person or he needs one from you , you can write it on it and pass the sheet around.
7. Here is another one what if the person is sitting in front of you and you need to copy from him . then make sure your hand is on your fore head and he is slightly on the side and you can see he paper with moving or having to stuggle.
8. Another way is verbal communication. Lets say you are sitting through the exam and you know everything but you are not sure if you have the correct answer or not. What I would suggest is that you keep your volume very low and ask the friend sitting next to you , what did you get the answer. Now if it matches well and good. If it doesn’t match it necessarily doesn’t mean that you are wrong and he is right check with another friend of yours. And confirm it.
9. If you get caught in the process while you are cheating . All I can say is there are two options. If you have your pride then you accept it and take F or just start crying and making excuses why you had to do it . But please please don’t make laim excuses such as your dog ate your book and stuff. Say some thing such as you had a family emergency , somebody died in the family, you had a break up with your girl friend , you pet died. It has to be vaild and you should be able to back it up.
10. This is the most important one "YOU GOT TO HAVE A HEART TO DO THIS"

If you try and it doesn’t work out I am not responsible for it. It would be your own fault .


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