Samurai Deeper Kyo

Episode 1-1:The Way to Armageddon
Episode 1-2:The Way to Armageddon
Episode 2-1:Wanted (Dead or Alive) Man
Episode 2-2:Wanted (Dead or Alive) Man
Episode 3-1:Red Mirage
Episode 3-2:Red Mirage
Episode 4-1:Creeping Nightmare
Episode 4-2:Creeping Nightmare
Episode 5-1:Tears of an Assassin
Episode 5-2:Tears of an Assassin
Episode 6-1:The Duel at Hibiya Bay
Episode 6-2:The Duel at Hibiya Bay
Episode 7-1:Keichou Battle Royal
Episode 7-2:Keichou Battle Royal
Episode 8-1:Demon Spear Cries
Episode 8-2:Demon Spear Cries
Episode 9-1:A Blind of Smiles
Episode 9-2:A Blind of Smiles
Episode 10-1:Cold-Blooded Illusion
Episode 10-2:Cold-Blooded Illusion
Episode 11-1:Pitch Black Flashback
Episode 11-2:Pitch Black Flashback
Episode 12-1:The Boy Who Came from the Deep Forest
Episode 12-2:The Boy Who Came from the Deep Forest
Episode 13-1:The Crossing Souls
Episode 13-2:The Crossing Souls
Episode 14-1:Satan Once Again
Episode 14-2:Satan Once Again
Episode 15-1:Our Friend, Red Tiger
Episode 15-2:Our Friend, Red Tiger
Episode 16-1:Perfect Victory
Episode 16-2:Perfect Victory
Episode 17-1:The Secret Talk Of The Ladies
Episode 17-2:The Secret Talk Of The Ladies
Episode 18-1:The Nurse Devil
Episode 18-2:The Nurse Devil
Episode 19-1:Thunderbolt Attack
Episode 19-2:Thunderbolt Attack
Episode 20-1:Far Away, The Absolute Zero
Episode 20-2:Far Away, The Absolute Zero
Episode 21-1:The Hellish Mibu Castle
Episode 21-2:The Hellish Mibu Castle
Episode 22-1:Mechanical Dolls
Episode 22-2:Mechanical Dolls
Episode 23-1:Scorching Ecstasy
Episode 23-2:Scorching Ecstasy
Episode 24-1:The Last Murimasa Awakens
Episode 24-2:The Last Murimasa Awakens
Episode 25-1:One That Overcomes Tachyon
Episode 25-2:One That Overcomes Tachyon
Episode 26-1:The Samurai Sings A Ballad
Episode 26-2:The Samurai Sings A Ballad


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