Yu Yu Hakusho

Season 1

Episode 1-Surprised To Be Dead
Episode 2-Koenma Appears
Episode 3-Kuwabara: A Promise Between Men
Episode 4-Requirements for Lovers
Episode 5-Yusuke's Back
Episode 6-Three Monsters
Episode 7-Gouki and Kurama
Episode 8-The Three Eyes of Hiei
Episode 9-The Search Begins
Episode 10-Kuwabara's Spirit Sword
Episode 11-Hard Fights for Yusuke
Episode 12-Rando Rises, Kuwabara Falls
Episode 13-Yusuke vs. Rando: 99 Attacks
Episode 14-The Beasts of Maze Castle
Episode 15-Genbu, the Stone Beast
Episode 16-Byakko, the White Tiger
Episode 17-Byakko's Lair
Episode 18-Seiryu, the Blue Dragon
Episode 19-Suzaku, Leader of the Beasts
Episode 20-Seven Ways To Die
Episode 21-Yusuke's Sacrifice
Episode 22-Lamenting Beauty
Episode 23-The Toguro Brothers Gang
Episode 24-The Deadly Triad
Episode 25-Kuwabara's Fight of Love

Season 2

Episode 26-Toguro Returns
Episode 27-The Dark Tournament Begins
Episode 28-First Fight
Episode 29-Flowers of Blood
Episode 30-Dragon of the Darkness Flame
Episode 31-Stumbling Warrior
Episode 32-Knife Edge Death-Match
Episode 33-A Day in Waiting
Episode 34-Percentage of Victory
Episode 35-Glimpse Beneath the Mask
Episode 36-Ambition Destroyed: A Trail of Light
Episode 37-Master of Disguise
Episode 38-Kurama's Stand
Episode 39-Crushing Revenge
Episode 40-Jin, the Wind Master
Episode 41-Reverse Decisions
Episode 42-A Matter of Love and Death
Episode 43-The Masked Fighter Revealed
Episode 44-Yusuke's Final Test
Episode 45-Hiei Battles On
Episode 46-Many Faces, Many Forms
Episode 47-Legendary Bandit: Yoko Kurama
Episode 48-The Cape of No Return
Episode 49-Genkai's Strength
Episode 50-Suzuka's Challenge
Episode 51-Arch-Rivals
Episode 52-The Death of Genkai
Episode 53-Overcoming Grief
Episode 54-The Beginning of the End
Episode 55-The Beast Within
Episode 56-Yoko's Magic
Episode 57-Beneath Bui's Armor
Episode 58-Wielder of the Dragon
Episode 59-The Shadow of Elder Toguro
Episode 60-Sakyo's Proposal
Episode 61-Yusuke vs. Toguro
Episode 62-Toguro's Full Power
Episode 63-Yusuke's Despair
Episode 64-Toguro's Desire
Episode 65-Out With a Bang
Episode 66-Toguro's Wish

Season 3

Episode 67-Return to the Living World
Episode 68-Setting the Trap
Episode 69-The Power of Taboo
Episode 70-Genkai's Ruse
Episode 71-The Tunnel
Episode 72-The Reader
Episode 73-The Doctor's Disease
Episode 74-Sleep, Doctor, Sleep
Episode 75-Caught in the Rain
Episode 76-Kuwabara: Awakening
Episode 77-Sensui's Fall
Episode 78-Divide and Conquer
Episode 79-The Human Race
Episode 80-Moving Target
Episode 81-Let the Games Begin
Episode 82-If You Could Play Forever
Episode 83-Game Over
Episode 84-Kurama's Anger, Gourmet's Guest
Episode 85-Spirit Detective Showdown
Episode 86-The Difference Maker
Episode 87-Power Between the Teeth
Episode 88-The True Face of Sensui
Episode 89-Death of a Spirit Detective
Episode 90-Attempting Revenge
Episode 91-Waking the Lost
Episode 92-The Proof
Episode 93-Sensui's End
Episode 94-Topside

Season 4

Episode 95-Yusuke's Destiny
Episode 96-Three Strangers, Three Kings
Episode 97-Departing Living World
Episode 98-Return to Demon World
Episode 99-Haunted by the Past
Episode 100-The Secret of the Jagan
Episode 101-Reunion of the Bandits
Episode 102-Torn Between Identities
Episode 103-Inheritance
Episode 104-Every Demon For Himself
Episode 105-The Preliminaries
Episode 106-The Battle of Father and Son
Episode 107-The Demon World Tournament Begins
Episode 108-Farewell, Kurama
Episode 109-Love and War
Episode 110-A Reason to Fight
Episode 111-Closure
Episode 112-To the Future


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